Falabellas make you happy!

Who doesn't want their favorite horse on a key ring!? So give yourself a Falabellas or make someone else happy with a look-a-like of their favorite equine. The handmade Falabellas become more and more beautiful through use and natural patina. You can enjoy them for years.

The Konik is originally a semi-wild breed of horse kept in Poland and Belarus

Koń is Polish for horse, konik (konjiek) for horse. The Konik is often said to be related to the Tarpan, an extinct wild horse from Eastern Europe.

The Konik is small (pony size) and can be recognized by its wild color pattern. The Konik needs little to no care and can stay outside all year. For this reason, the animal is used to graze natural areas.

The Konik is a semi-wild horse and is hugely hardy, which is why we chose the Key ring for Equestrian in the color bronze as a look-a-like. 

Falabellas Paardensleutelhanger