Falabellas make you happy!

Who doesn't want their favorite horse on a key ring!? So give yourself a Falabellas or make someone else happy with a look-a-like of their favorite equine. The handmade Falabellas become more and more beautiful through use and natural patina. You can enjoy them for years.

The Friesian horse is the oldest indigenous breed of horse in the Netherlands and is also called the "Black Pearl of Friesland."

A Friesian is almost always all black; with no markings. Occasionally a very rare brown and even rarer gray variant occurs. These colors, however, are not accepted in the studbook.

The Friesian horse is a graceful looking horse with lots of mane and a proud attitude. The body is compact and strong; the mane is long, full and wavy as is the tail. The Friesian has a fine head with pointed and agile ears. The shoulders are powerfully developed. Rather short, but firm, long hairy and with a fetlock.

The Friesian is friendly, lively, tame, intelligent, eager to learn and loyal. Also, the Friesian horse has a cool head, making it very suitable for recreational riding and trail rides. The breed is a good worker and suitable for dressage because of its high knee action and reliable behavior. The image of the Friesian harness horse is also a popular.

For the "Pearl of Friesland," we chose the furry variety with the deepest black color possible. He is tough and has a high cuddliness level.

If your preference is for a smooth and not furry Falabellas, you can also choose the Black.

Falabellas Paardensleutelhanger