Falabellas make you happy!

Who doesn't want their favorite horse on a key ring!? So give yourself a Falabellas or make someone else happy with a look-a-like of their favorite equine. The handmade Falabellas become more and more beautiful through use and natural patina. You can enjoy them for years.

The Icelandic is a breed of horse from Iceland, where they have been bred without outside influence for over a thousand years.

When the first inhabitants came to live in Iceland in the late 9th century, there were no horses there. The Vikings brought horses and other domestic animals with them from the areas they came from, especially from Norway but also from the Scottish islands. Thus, the kinship with Norwegian horses, originally from northern Eurasia, seems obvious. In particular, the resemblance to the rare Nordland horse is striking, and some of these horses also appear to be able to tilt, as do the Icelanders.

The head of the Icelander can vary between very noble and very large. The neck is short and thick. The body is stocky. The legs and hooves are strong and the leg hair should be abundant. Vision and orientation are well developed.

Binnen het ras zijn alle vachtkleuren vertegenwoordigd, behalve appaloosa. Witte aftekeningen zijn toegestaan. Binnen de ijslanderpopulatie ziet men ook kleuren die niet vaak bij de paarden van het Europese vasteland voorkomen zoals; zilverappel en wildkleur. In het najaar krijgen de paarden een zeer dikke wintervacht.

For the Icelandic we made a rough variant key ring for equestrian, tough and warm at the same time. For the lover of the Icelandic horse a nice addition. 

If you prefer a smooth leather Falabellas, you can also look at the Champagne Falabellas

Falabellas Paardensleutelhanger