Falabellas make you happy!

Who doesn't want their favorite horse on a key ring!? So give yourself a Falabellas or make someone else happy with a look-a-like of their favorite equine. The handmade Falabellas become more and more beautiful through use and natural patina. You can enjoy them for years.

The Camargue is an ancient breed of horse found in the Camargue in southern France

For centuries, possibly even thousands of years, these small horses have lived in semi-wild herds in the wetlands of the Rhône Delta. Where they developed the stamina and agility for which they are known today.

Camargues are always dapple: at birth they are black, fox or (dark) brown but their coat becomes lighter and lighter as they age until they are finally light gray or white. They are small horses. Despite their small size, they are strong enough to carry an adult. They have a short neck, deep chest, compact body, strong legs and full mane.

The Camargue has a calm nature. His good agility and stamina make him suitable for cow work, dressage and long-distance riding.

For the white dapple lovers, Falabellas has chosen the white furry variety, all muscle white in color. He looks sweet and has a high cuddliness level. If you prefer a smooth Falabellas, you can also choose the Lipizzaner.

Falabellas Paardensleutelhanger