About Falabellas

Who we are

We believe that everyone is unique and goes their own way in life. That means that you dare to be yourself and that you do what you like to make your life fun. That's exactly what we've been doing since Natas started 'Natasentas' in 1995, the sequel to a hobby that got out of hand. Natasentas made bags and accessories because she liked it and because everyone deserves a unique bag, bracelet, necklace or pendant. Everything was handmade and no product was the same. She did it diligently and it turned out to be a good learning path for the adventure we are now experiencing.

Natas is not only very creative; she also rides a horse. She started that in Germany, where she lived at the time. After her tenth birthday she continued her apprenticeship with Lies Beuker in Naarden. This riding school was a household name in the Gooi and surroundings for many years. Some forty years and many rides later, Natas volunteered for a few years at Manege Gooi en Eemland, which provides riding lessons for riders with and without disabilities. Every year the riding school organizes an open day. In 2008 Natas designed a special key ring for this day; part of the proceeds went to the riding school. Everyone was very enthusiastic about it: Falabellas took his first steps there.


For a long time we called our key rings 'little horses', but a website and webshop require a catchy name. Falabellas is named after the 'falabella' breed: an Argentine show horse.

Falabellas are very small: the stick size is less than 108 cm. They are intelligent and eager to learn, affectionate and observant. The falabella is mainly kept as a companion animal and steals many horse shows with its miniature dimensions. The horse moves smoothly and elegantly and takes low obstacles effortlessly. Without a rider, because a falabella is not suitable to be ridden.

In short, falabellas are small eye-catchers that you can easily take with you everywhere, just like our Falabellas.

Bags and key rings for the horse lover

Falabellas can be used not only as a key ring. They are also a real eye catcher when attached to your handbag. The key rings become more and more beautiful through use and natural patina. All Falabellas are handmade and wears an original decorated halter with carefully selected natural beads and pendants. Each Falabellas is thus unique.

Fair production in the Netherlands

Falabellas are made domestically. We work together with Buffel Lederwaren Atelier from Brabant. In the workshop, enthusiastic craftsmen make products that they are proud of. Buffel Lederwaren Atelier is a Socially Responsible Company. For example, there are people who are at a distance from the labor market. These include status holders (professionals from Syria and Afghanistan). Some leather workers and designers have been employed there for thirty years.

Safety and the environment are very important, which is why they increasingly work with the most modern automatic stitching machines, lasers and cutting plotters. Craft and technique are a golden duo in the studio. The company also places high demands on its suppliers. They work without exception according to the REACH standards and thus meet the strict EU requirements for leather production.


Falabellas Paardensleutelhanger

Durable and high quality

We find it important to work with good material and produce the Falabellas as sustainably as possible. We have recently expanded the collection of quality leather with pineapple leather and we are experimenting with other alternative leathers such as vegan, fruit and fish leather. In addition, because we want our products to last, we spend a lot of time on production details, regularly test our materials and work on continuous improvement.